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Worlebury Residents' Association - Constitution

1. Objects

The Association is established to promote and enhance the character and environment of the Worlebury area for the benefit and enjoyment of its residents and visitors.

2. Definition of Area

The Worlebury area is the whole of that area bounded by the Worlebury Hill Road entrance to Worlebury Woods, the Observatory, Milton Hill (including Milbury Gardens) and Monks Hill.

3. Membership

Full membership shall be restricted to those resident in the defined area except that the Committee may award honorary membership to not more than five persons who, in the Committee's opinion, have provided exceptional support to the area and/or the objects of the Association.

4. Donations/Subscriptions

The Annual General Meeting of 1 February 2005 adopted 'donations' in place of 'subscriptions' and recommended £5 per household. Any annual donation shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting. This sum to be amended as necessary at future AGMs depending on circumstances.

5. Meetings

An Annual General Meeting shall be held each year, not later than the 1st March, to transact the following business:

a) To receive the Chairman's Report.
b) To receive the Annual Accounts and the Treasurer's Report.
c) To receive the Secretary's Report.
d) To consider and decide upon any proposed changes to the Association's Constitution.
e) To elect for the ensuing year:

i. A Chairman
ii. A Secretary
iii. A Treasurer
iv. A Committee of not more than nine members and not less than three members, including the Officers. Three members of the Committee must be present at Committee meetings to constitute a Quorum.

f) A notice convening the Annual General Meeting shall be sent to all members at least 21 days prior to the meeting. The notice shall invite nominations for the appointment of Officers and Committee Members and invite members to submit proposed agenda items to the Secretary by 10 days before the meeting.
g) A Special General Meeting shall be held within 30 days of the receipt of a written request sent to the Secretary and signed by 25% of the number of members of the Association.
h) 20 members must be present at the Annual General Meeting to constitute a Quorum.

6. The Committee

a) The Committee shall be responsible for the management, administration and direction of the Association.
b) The Committee shall consist of the Officers together with the members elected at the Annual General Meeting.
c) The Committee may in addition co-opt up to three members to assist with the general running of the Association or with specific issues and shall liaise as necessary with other local bodies and organisations.
d) If any Officers are not appointed at the Annual General Meeting then the Committee shall make the necessary appointments from among its members as soon as possible.
e) The Committee may set up sub-committees for specific purposes and may co-opt or appoint sub-committee members provided that there shall be at least one member of the committee on each sub-committee.
f) Each sub-committee shall from amongst its members appoint a Chairman who shall be responsible for the conduct of the sub-committee and for keeping the Officers of the Association aware of matters considered.
g) The Committee Members shall retire each year at the Annual General Meeting next after they were elected but may stand for re-election.

7. Bank Account

The Committee is empowered to open or continue a bank account and draw cheques on that account bearing the signatures of any two of the three officers, the Chairman, the Secretary and the Treasurer. The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping the accounts of the Association.

8. Notices

Any notices required shall be deemed to be duly given if left or sent by post to the last known address of a member.

9. Dissolution

If the Committee decides that it is advisable to dissolve the Association it shall give at least 21 days notice of a meeting to all members. The notice shall specify the purpose of the meeting and detail the proposed resolution and the reasons for it. If the proposal is confirmed by a two-thirds majority of those present the Committee shall have the power to realise any assets held by the Association and satisfy any due debts or liabilities. Any net assets remaining may be applied to such charitable purpose similar to the objectives of the Association as the meeting or, failing agreement at the meeting, the Committee may determine.


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