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Theft From Motor Vehicle

Overnight Tuesday 19/20 February.

Furze Road area.

Set of golf clubs stolen from car.

Dog Attack - Sandbay

Thursday 27 December 2018 10am Near Pontins.

Lurcher on lead attacked by German Shepherd. Lurcher sustained serious wounds to rear flank.

GSD was being walked off lead by two women. One in her 40s the other 60/70-years-old.

Suspicious Vehicle

UPDATE - 4pm Tuesday 23 October. Again in Cliff Road removing items from a skip.

Seen in Cliff Road at 12.30pm on Wednesday 13 June.

Ford van, index number X 929 VOT, one man with the vehicle. He was getting out and looking in gardens.

UPDATE - He must like Worlebury. Friday 15 June at 9.45am he is again going around looking in gardens. He has been confronted by a resident and details being passed to Police.

UPDATE - Again driving around Worlebury, Wednesday 11 July at 8.45am.

Bus Service From 29 May 2018

Village Emergency Telephone System (VETS)

It appears that there are many blank faces when residents are asked what is the VETS number.

If you need help:

  • Ring 999 immediately to call for an ambulance
  • Ring VETS on 01934 442 911

Please enter 01934 442 911 on to your phone. It could save a life - possibly yours.

Village Emergency Telephone System (VETS)

The Community HeartBeat Trust is a national charity focused on provision of life saving defibrillation services to local communities.

The Village Emergency Telephone System (VETS) has been introduced to complement the installation of the defibrillator, which is situated at Worlebury Golf Club.

The system is now live and we have volunteers who can be called to fetch the defibrillator. They will then deliver it to where it is required.

If you need help:

  • Ring 999 immediately to call for an ambulance
  • Ring VETS on 01934 442 911

Defibrillator Is Here

Located Worlebury Golf Club, on external wall of Pro Shop to right of main entrance.


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Birnbeck Pier, Weston-super-Mare
Worlebury Sunset

Residents' Association

'committed to the community'

Worlebury Woods

The Worlebury Residents' Association is established to promote and enhance the character and environment of the Worlebury area for the benefit and enjoyment of its residents and visitors.

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Neighbourhood Watch

'a safer community'

Logo of Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch started in this country in 1982. It is the largest voluntary group in the country. The schemes play a vital role in preventing crime and improving the community.

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KWJ Associates

'supporting the community'

KWJ Associates - Worlebury

Located in Worlebury, Weston-super-Mare KWJ Associates are a computer repair and website design company. We support the Worlebury Residents' Association together with sponsors of the Association.

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